Athletic Directors and Coaches:

As the winter sports are continuing in their seasons please review the TAPPS policies regarding school based officials in team sports. The school based officials, which are provided by the home team, are an integral part of the success of any contest.

Winter Soccer:

The official time for the contests should be kept on the stadium clock when one is available. The clock keeper should be familiar with the timing rules for the game and work in conjunction with the Referee. The official timekeeper should be an adult and not a student attending the school for all varsity contests.


In basketball, the official book and the clock keeper should be trained in their duties and expectations. These school based officials should be adults and not students attending the school for all varsity contests. In addition, TAPPS recommends adults for all sub varsity level contests.

Regardless of the game or the level of the contest, the school based officials for each contest should remain unbiased during the event and refrain from cheering for the team, interaction with the teams other than when they are required to do so and refrain from interacting with the officials unless doing so in conjunction with their game duties.

Thank you in advance for reviewing your expectations with those who represent your school in each of these capacities. If any questions should arise, please contact the office at [email protected] or by phone at 254-947-9268.