Scorebird-TAPPS Baseball Pitch Count Tracking System

The Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools will be transitioning to the Scorebird pitch count system for baseball. All member schools are required to change from the current submission form to the Scorebird web portal by March 22. There is no cost for the web portal.

Scorebird’s platform should make it easier and faster to enter pitch count information, and will provide a more extensive pitch count log. In addition to the Web Portal Scorebird has deployed a Mobile App which has some additional reporting tracking and reporting features for a nominal fee of $150 per team.

The two options available:

  1. Web Portal: Similar to the current process, you can report pitches via a web portal. This portal is hosted by Scorebird and will have a Scorebird Admin account. There is no cost to use the web portal to report your pitch counts. All schedules will be automatically pulled from Rank One. Simply click on the game, select the pitcher (these will need to be added the first time), and report the pitches. A full log of all pitch counts will also be available on this web portal. Instructions have been attached.

  2. Mobile App: To make it even easier, Scorebird also has a built-in pitch count reporting tool within their Scorebird Admin App. This tool allows you to track pitches in real time during the game, and will report the score at the end of the game to TAPPS, Rank One, and ScoreStream which means that all of your reporting requirements will be complete at the end of the game. Scorebird will also be adding more features over the next few weeks including the ability to display the score live on your website using the pitch count feature which will allow you to generate revenue through sponsorships via digital field signs. The cost per team is $150 to utilize the pitch count feature, and will be billed directly by Scorebird if you would like to purchase this service. We encourage everyone to reach out directly if you have any questions.

 Again, TAPPS is requiring member schools to utilize the free Scorebird web portal. Purchasing the mobile app product is optional. Scorebird is setting up accounts for each coach and will be sending you an email shortly. If you do not receive a link to the Scorebird portal, please reach out to Scorebird. Links to instructional materials for the web portal and mobile app, as well as contact information for the Scorebird representative in Texas are below.

Brian Master
[email protected]

Scorebird Web Portal Instructions

Scorebird Mobile App Instructions