TAPPS-Scorebird Partnership Press Release

The Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools is excited to announce Scorebird as the Official Score Reporting Tool for TAPPS. Scorebird’s integration with the TAPPS database system in Rank One will allow all schedules that are inputted in the Rank One system to automatically populate into Scorebird. All scores entered into Scorebird will automatically be updated into Rank One scores and game standings.  The TAPPS website and phone app, will feature Scorebird tickers and score pages. Scorebird will also be providing Network Scoring Transmitters (NeST) to integrate scoreboard data into TAPPS TV championship broadcast overlays. TAPPS looks forward to working with Scorebird to bring the benefits of evolving technology to all stakeholders.

About Scorebird
Scorebird is a cutting edge technology company focused on helping schools and athletic organizations leverage their live scoring data to drive fan engagement and reduce the administrative burden of distributing scores. Through its patent pending services, Scorebird is able to provide automated live virtual scoreboards, broadcast overlays, and social media integrations that allow fans anywhere to follow games in real time regardless of the age and level of the players. For more information visit: scorebird.com

The Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools (TAPPS) was chartered in 1978, and currently has a membership of 230 schools representing over 40,000 students throughout Texas. TAPPS provides extracurricular academic, fine art and athletic opportunities for member schools and their students.