All of our member schools have unique needs when it comes to event management for the diverse range of events hosted throughout the year. We realize that some schools are having to juggle multiple platforms to service their fine arts, athletics and administrative events. This is not effective nor efficient and we want to offer our solution – HomeTown Ticketing. HomeTown’s platform is designed to streamline event management and enhance the overall experience for your staff, students, and attendees.

By partnering with HomeTown, you have access to the following benefits:

  1. Professional-level Platform:
    1. Easy Event Creation: HomeTown’s platform simplifies event scheduling and management, saving you time and effort.
    2. Customizable Ticketing Options: Tailor ticket types, pricing tiers, and seat maps to meet your specific event requirements.
    3. Attendance Tracking and Reporting: Real-time attendance tracking and comprehensive reporting features help you monitor ticket sales, track event attendance, and make informed decisions.
  2. Ticketing Done Your Way: Attendees can conveniently purchase tickets online or at the gate, receive them via email or text, and easily present them at the event.
  3. HomeTown Social Media: Save Time, Save Money, and Drive Attendance with Automated Social Media Graphics.
    1. Includes customizable graphics and templates, automated post scheduling, real-time social media monitoring and analytics and reporting.
  4. Dedicated Customer Support: Every client receives a client success manager along with access to the support team. Both are committed to providing exceptional customer service while assisting you and your attendees with any questions or technical support.

For more information or to see how their platform can fit your event management and ticketing needs, please reach out to Riley Connolly, our HomeTown contact.

Riley Connolly
Business Development Manager
Direct:(380) 223-9189
Work:(903) 990-8687