Speech Coaches, 


The Varsity Hype site is ready for your speech entry video uploads.

Please review the instructions posted here https://tapps.biz/finearts/academics/ labeled Academic and Speech Entry Instructions.  Scroll to near the end of the document for the Speech information.  Please read all the instructions prior to uploading.

If you need technical assistance with Varsity Hype, email [email protected]

If you have questions pertaining to our event email info@tapps.biz.

Judges- Please list all judges on the google sheet by FRIDAY, APRIL 9.
Judging for Debate will be on April 12 throughout the day as the rounds are being completed live, via webconference.  1 judge for 1 or 2 speakers, 2 judges for 3 speakers. If you only have 1 judge, you may pay $150 for a second one to be hired.  Please indicate ‘pay judge fee’  in place of the 2nd judge’s name.

Judging for Persuasive Speaking will be on April 13 throughout the day as the rounds are being completed live, via webconference. Current requirement is 1 judge for 1 to 2 speakers, 2 judges for 3 speakers.  This may be reduced after we know the number of entries but please provide 2 names.

Judging for remaining speech events submitted via recording uploaded to VarsityHype.com Judging will take place on April 14- round 1, April 15- round 2, April 16- semis, April 17- finals. Each school will be responsible for 6 rounds per day for April 14 and 15th and 4-5 rounds on April 16 and April 17.  This can be any combination of 3 judges doing 2 rounds each or if you have someone available to do more, you can list one judge as all day (6 rounds).

On your google sheet, please indicate what days each judge is available such as, Jack Smith available on April 14th- 6 rounds and April 15th- 2 rounds, April 16th/17th not available.

A schedule will be made prior to those dates so that everyone will know what is needed and expected.   Judging will be done at your own pacing throughout the day,  Each morning, entries will be assigned to the judge based on the previous day’s results.  The judge will have until midnight to complete the assigned round.  It is possible to do multiple rounds and not need to get a substitute teacher for these school days but instead, judge after school is out for the day.

If you have additional judges than what will fit on the sheet, please let me know.  We appreciate all the judges that will help make our event great!

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@tapps.biz.