Sportsmanship Video

Athletic Directors:

As we look to the beginning of our fall competitive activities, the TAPPS Office wanted to take a moment to remind all of our member schools of the importance of communicating, expecting and requiring good sportsmanship at all of your contests. The following fan guidelines should be a prerequisite to being able to attend any athletic contest.

  1. Show proper respect to the players on both teams. Remember that each one of them is someone’s son or daughter.
  2. Show proper respect for the visiting crowd. Treat them just as you would like to be treated in their gym or at their field.
  3. Show proper respect for officials and to their legitimate position of authority over the game.
  4. Remember that other team’s players, coaches and fans (regardless of their behavior) are not your enemies. They are merely your opponents in a game.
  5. Do not “BOO” or otherwise show a negative reaction to an official’s call, coach’s decision or player’s performance.

We all want our fans to be as loud and rowdy as possible in support of their team, but they should never harass, put down, or be negative toward ANY player, coach, or official.

With these thoughts in mind, the TAPPS Office has created a Sportsmanship Video that we encourage you to review and to share with all of your stakeholders.