Athletic Directors and Head Basketball Coaches –


This season we will be working with Hudl to roll out a statewide video exchange for the postseason. The TAPPS Basketball League Exchange creates the opportunity to share and view film equitably across each classification level and will provide a training and education resource for use by TAPPS staff and local officials associations around the state.

We will be hosting an educational webinar on Wednesday, January 10 at 12 PM (CST). This webinar will be recorded and sent out to everyone if you are unable to attend at that time.

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These exchanges will be divided by class but will allow teams to view film from all other classes regardless of the one they participate in. If you are currently in an exchange pool or exchange with your respective conference/district/etc schools, we ask that you consider using this statewide exchange as a replacement and/or addition to your current one during the playoffs. Film from these past exchanges/pools will still be available for you to view. The exchange will be built out closer to the postseason and you will be notified once it is ready.

As a reminder, only Admins on your Hudl account will be able to see the “Exchanges” tab when logged into Hudl. Instructions for changing a coach’s permission check out this page here.

We ask that the home team upload game film after each game into the League Exchange for each contested listed in the exchange.

One important thing to note is that the League Exchange pulls in only the Hudl Team Names, please be sure to name your team using the following format: “School Name, Gender, Level, Sport” (ie. Lincoln High Boys Varsity Basketball). This will ensure that there aren’t multiple teams titled “Boys/Girls Varsity Basketball” within the exchange.

If you currently do not subscribe to Hudl, you can receive a complimentary exchange-only subscription that will allow you to upload your video into Hudl and download video from Hudl to participate in the exchange. If you would like to take advantage of this, contact Brady Vossler ([email protected]) and he can connect you with your specific Hudl representative.

For any questions regarding the rules and enforcement of the league exchange please contact the TAPPS office.