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Chapter 1.


The name of the organization will be Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools.


The Purpose of TAPPS is and shall be to organize, to stimulate, to encourage and to promote the academic, athletic and fine arts programs in an effort to foster a spirit of fair play, good fellowship, true sportsmanship and wholesome competition for boys and girls.


1. Membership in TAPPS is limited to private and parochial schools in the state of Texas, with students enrolled in grades 9-12.
a. Private schools are defined as those schools that are established, conducted and primarily supported by a non-government agency -or- primarily supported by student tuition.
b. Parochial schools are defined as those schools that are controlled by, supported by, or within the jurisdiction of a church parish.
2. All member schools shall submit contract and payment of annual dues and event fees to the state office by September 1 of the current year.
3. Applications for membership of new schools must be made to the state office in writing by the school’s chief administrator. Applications will be considered by the Executive Board and its decision will be reported to the membership. Note: Former TAPPS member school having withdrawn in good standing will be required to follow all procedures as outlined in Article III of the Constitution. Any former TAPPS member school not in good standing will be required to follow all procedures as outlined in Article III of the Constitution and in the By-Laws – Probation and Sanctions.

New members accepted will be placed in a district by the means of:
a. realignment which takes effect in even years or
b. odd years with the approval of a district that could adapt its schedule to accommodate the new member school. Any new addition to a district will not compete in any sport/event until the beginning of each school year. Exception: Football is a two year contract so a new school may have to compete as an independ¬ent until it can be absorbed into a schedule or added during re-alignment.
4. A TAPPS member school shall not be a member of another organization for the purpose of concurrent athletic competi¬tion. Nor shall a member school come into conflict that would prevent its participation in TAPPS District or State competition. (Fine Arts Competition See By-Laws Section 202.A).
5. Each member school shall be represented by a delegate who will have voting privilege for that member school in association business. The delegate from each school must be a professional (contracted) faculty member of that school and registered as a delegate in the TAPPS State Office.
6. The executive management, control, and final authority of this association belong to the Executive Board consisting of nine (9) members. Any new member to the Board is nominated by the President for appointment. This Board and all new board members must be approved by a majority vote of the Board. A President shall be elected from the nine board members by the board members. The Vice-President and Treasurer shall be appointed by the President with the majority approval of the Board. Board members are appointed to a place (numbered 1 thru 9) and serve two year terms, including the President. Each board member is subject to re-election within the Board. Re-elections will occur within the Board at the March meeting. Place(s) 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9 shall be elected in odd numbered years, while place(s) 2, 4, 6 and 8 shall be elected in even numbered years.
7. A majority of the Board must be present to act on association business. A majority number of votes of the quorum in attendance shall be required in order for the board to pass any motion.


1. State Academic, Art, Athletic and Fine Arts championships will be conducted each year. A state champion will be recognized in both boy and girl designated sports/events.
2. The general operations of TAPPS will follow the guidelines as set by the TAPPS Constitution, By-Laws, Athletic, Academic, Art and Fine Art Plans.


Eligibility qualifications for competition. A student/athlete:
1. has not reached 19 years of age prior to September 1 of the current school year; and

2. initially enrolled in the ninth grade not more than four years ago nor in the tenth grade not more than three years ago. A student may participate in TAPPS contests during a normal program of high school courses over a period of four consecutive calendar years after the student first enrolls in the ninth grade. Students who never entered the ninth grade but were placed into the tenth grade have three consecutive years from their first entry into tenth grade to complete their high school eligibility. NOTE: If a player competes for or against a varsity team before enrolling in the ninth grade, the Player’s four years of eligibility begins on the date of competition for or against the varsity team. It is a violation to allow students not yet in high school to participate with or against high school students.
3. has not graduated from high school or other school of equal or higher status; and
4. is a full time, day student at the member school; and
5. allowed to participate in TAPPS competition or contests only if the student is in good and regular standing which included but not limited to:
a. enrollment in at least four accredited academic courses
b. failing no more than one course during the grading period
(1) in determining whether or not the student is passing his or her work from the beginning of the semester to seven days before contest must be considered.
(2) the length of time for ineligibility after a grading period shall be at least two weeks; or
6. is enrolled in an accelerated Christian education school he/she must be proceeding toward graduation on a credit basis and on a passing basis with a regularly checked procedure by each school to ensure they are in good academic standing. If a question of eligibility arises, a school may be required to present the student’s transcript concerning eligibility to the state office; and/or
7. must meet guidelines of TAPPS transfer rule. See By-Laws – Transfer Rule; and
8. shall not take part in any competition or contest of TAPPS if participant has received money or gifts or valuable conside¬ration for participating in any sport or contest, with the exception of FFA or 4-H participation. NOTE: TAPPS reserves the right in the Executive Board to assess and make the final judgment of whether or not money or valuable consideration were given, or if either TAPPS rules and regulations and/or amateur status were violated; and
9. has not been induced for athletic purposes.


The Amending Process: Amendments to the State Constitution of TAPPS must be proposed in writing to the Executive Board by member schools. A proposed amendment will be included on the agenda only if it is endorsed in writing by at least two other member schools and if it is submitted to the state office prior to the summer Convention and Coaches Clinic. The Executive Board shall make a recommendation to the membership for each amendment submitted. Ratification of amendments shall be a 2/3 vote of the membership.


TAPPS shall deem all games in which an ineligible player participates to be a loss even if the team had obtained a victory in said game/games. Participation will include but not be limited to dressing in the team uniform, playing in a game against any opponent or any other act which TAPPS considers to be participation.