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This year TAPPS and Hudl launched a new partnership which named Hudl the Exclusive Video Analysis and State Video Exchange Solution of TAPPS. Please join us for an educational webinar about this year’s video exchange on August 22, 2023 at 10 am CST.

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 As part of the partnership agreement, beginning this year all member schools will be able to upload/download game video from all contests played using the new Hudl Exchange Pool. The TAPPS League Pool creates the opportunity to share and view film equitably across each school and will provide a training and education resource for use by the TAPPS staff and officials across the state. The League Pools will be grouped by classification with the classes being Division I, Division, II, Division III, Division IV.

Teams will be encouraged to upload game film each week and in turn ‘unlock’ access to all film that has been added to the pool and can be immediately added to the team’s library. Teams will upload their video on a weekly basis but are able to continue to exchange additional film directly with their opponent as agreed upon by both teams.

Hudl has created a resource center that includes a video tutorial that walks you through how to add film to the pool, as well as pull film to add to your library. You can find the resource center and the step-by-step tutorial at the links below. Hudl also has a support team willing to assist you with Hudl, Hudl Sideline, Hudl Focus, or other Hudl products you may be using. To contact support, please visit or email [email protected].

Hudl Football Resource Center

Hudl League Pool Tutorial

Add Team Members

Below are some frequently asked questions with answers.

Q. Is audio included on film uploaded to the League Pool?
A. Yes, if there is audio on the original film, it will be included.

Q. Can teams be in more than one League Pool at a time?
A. No

Q. Is there a time limit on uploading film to the League Pool?
A. Yes, there will be a lockout time each week but teams are encouraged to add their video as soon as they’re able to each week. Teams can continue to pull video from the League Pool if they have already uploaded film for that week.

If you have any questions, please contact Brady Vossler at [email protected].