Athletic Directors:

As we continue into the summer, the development of the TAPPS Management System continues as well. The question has arisen concerning the use of Rank One for forms and other actions at the school level.

Schools who choose to use Rank One for their school management may do so at their expense as the TAPPS / Rank One agreement will no longer cover those costs. The collection of forms is important to our member schools and TAPPS.  If Rank One serves as an answer to that need we encourage their use as they have been a valuable partner. However, all required TAPPS forms for the purpose of establishing student eligibility and coach’s compliance must be submitted through the new TAPPS Management System only.

TAPPS Eligibility Forms

These forms are those necessary to establish student eligibility to participate in TAPPS Activities throughout the year. These forms have changed for 2024-25 as outlined below.

  • Student / Parent Acknowledgment of Rules form is completed in TMS as the student profile is completed in the system.
  • The high school transfer student forms (Student Transfer Form and PAPF) are now both in a pdf format and may be downloaded from Rank One or the TAPPS website. This coming year all high school students transferring to the school must complete both the STF and PAPF. These forms must be uploaded to the TAPPS Management System (TMS) for review and approval.

Medical History and Athletic Physical

  • The Student Medical History Form and Annual Physical Form are now both pdf forms and may be downloaded from Rank One or the TAPPS website. TAPPS no longer requires upload of the documents to TMS, the school administrator will however attest that the forms are on file at the school.

More information will be coming soon regarding student data uploads to TMS and additional management of forms.  All forms available on the TAPPS website will also be available for download through Rank One and the TAPPS Management System (TMS).