Dear Coaches,

As a reminder, all District, Regional and State tournaments will be scored live on the TAPPS Golf app by the golfers. We highly recommend you prepare your student athletes now by having them score regular season events as well. The process of creating and setting up a tournament to be live scored is simple and all you need to do after getting the TAPPS Golf app is to:

  1. Log into
  2. Click your school name to navigate to your school
  3. Click ROSTERS and make sure your roster includes all your golfers
  4. Click EVENTS and then click “+ Create League Event
  5. Go to Courses and add the course where you will be playing
  6. Go To Teams and add the golfers for each team
  7. Go to Rounds, create a round and set the pairings
  8. Instruct the golfers to enter scores after each hole using the TAPPS Golf app
  9. Verify all scores are correct at the conclusion and then close the round
  10. Go to Rankings and verify your event is included in the rankings

Please refer to the documents below for more information and watch the Video Tutorials to learn more.

Golfer Seeding Information Document

Secure Scoring Document

Hosting Teams From Out of State Document

Rankings Document

Coaches Manual

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