TAPPSCON24 Breakfast Speaker

The TAPPSCON24 Breakfast Speaker will be Robby Crihfield. Robby Crihfield has coached in TAPPS schools for 13 years with 8 years serving as the Athletic Director for Brazosport Christian. After serving 3 years on the AEC, he moved on this year to begin serving as a TAPPS board member. The presentation will be in the exhibit hall on Friday, June 7 over breakfast. This will provide an opportune time for conversation and fellowship.

PRESENTATION10 Lies & the Truth

We often think of lying as something we do to other people. However, some of the most damaging lies that exist are the ones that we tell ourselves. In 10 Lies & the Truth Coach Crihfield expounds on 10 lies that we tell ourselves that hold us back from meaningful growth and progress in our careers and in our lives.

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