TAPPS is proud to announce the creation of our new TAPPS Education Modules (TEaMs). Our goal is to provide a comprehensive instructional platform for the continuing education of coaches, sponsors and administrators for all TAPPS activities.

The TEaMs Courses consist of fourteen modules that will provide important information which will assist you in meeting the expectations for participation in TAPPS competitions. These course modules must be completed by all TAPPS athletic directors and coaches whether full-time, part-time, paid or volunteer to be compliant.

If you attended either the TEaMs 101 or TEaMs 102 Sessions at TAPPSCON this summer, you will be exempt from taking these courses. Your exemption in RankOne will be updated the week of July 10, although you will still need to fill out the Acknowledgement of Rules in RankOne. Coaches and athletic directors who did not attend these sessions will need to take these courses online before beginning their coaching duties for the 2023-24 school year.


This information will be sent to all coaches listed in RankOne on Jul 5, 2023.