Athletic Directors and Coaches:

As we continue to move towards our Spring Championship events, change is the one constant in the process.  This year more than in years past, we continue to work with our host facilities and officials to prepare for our Regional and Championship meets.

In past years, we struggled to obtain enough officials for our regional meets on Saturday and we therefore moved to a Wednesday, Thursday, Friday format. With other organization’s regional meets being held on Friday, the pool of certified officials dwindled even further.  This year as we contracted with our host facilities and officials we have been asked to move to a Tuesday – Thursday format for regional meets.

We understand that change requires all of us to make adjustments to our plans.  As mentioned on our Track preseason webinar on February 5th, in order to accommodate our officials and hosts we are amending the track regional dates to those shown below.

  • 1A         April 20 Prelims (as Needed)
  • 1A/2A    April 21 Finals
  • 3A/4A    April 20 Finals
  • 5A/6A    April 22 Finals

More information on the meets will be posted as soon as the details can be confirmed.  Please mark your calendar for 1 pm on March 30 for the Track Entry Webinar where we will discuss the entry procedures for the 2021 contests. More information on the webinar and sign up will be sent as we get closer to that date.

Please contact the TAPPS office at 254-947-9268 or by email at  [email protected] as questions arise.