Athletic Directors:

As we continue to work our way toward the first games of the season, our office continues to review Student Transfer Information presented through Rank One.  The transfer process must be completed with TAPPS approval in Rank One before students may participate in any interscholastic competition. This includes all varsity or sub-varsity games and scrimmages.

Student Transfer Forms are completed and submitted by the parents through Rank One. (online form only)

Previous Athletic Participation Forms are filled out and sent to the previous school. Once returned and complete, it is uploaded to the student file in Rank One. (paper form only)

With Volleyball, Fall Soccer and Cross Country beginning next week, we have focused our attention on those students. We will continue to send transmittal letters for those sports as we receive documentation for students transferring to a new school.  We will continue sending out the Football transfers as well. Thank you to all who have sent in completed information.

In addition to transfer students, international students, boarding students or students not living with parents will require additional documentation and processes.

In all of these cases, please remember that students are not allowed to participate in any competition – scrimmages or games – until the TAPPS approval process is complete. Failure to complete the eligibility process before an athlete participates will result in sanctions including but not limited to forfeiture of games.

If questions arise, please contact the TAPPS office at 254-947-9268 or by email at

[email protected].