Athletic Directors and Coaches:

As we continue to move through the Spring of 2022, we are also looking to the coming year as well.  Many of you are ordering uniforms for the coming seasons.  Please take the time to review the uniform guidelines presented in the TAPPS By-Laws and the playing rules for basketball (NFHS). TAPPS must approve any changes or exceptions to the uniform rules; agreement with the other team does not mean compliance.

There have been a few changes, but most rules remain in place. Of particular note is that white means white.  Light gray or other fades do not meet the requirement for a white jersey and in many instances are not dark enough to be used as a “Dark” jersey. 

We know that each year the jersey options become greater and greater and your sales reps want you to see everything that is on the market. Thank you for adhering to the rules when purchasing.

If questions arise, please contact the TAPPS office at 254-947-9268 or [email protected].