October 26, 2021

As with most things in life, the only true constant is change. As we continue to move into our fall and winter activities, change is coming to TAPPS and our TAPPS staff.

Our director of fine arts Vena Williams is transitioning to a new opportunity that will surely benefit from her passion and drive.  However, that transition will also take her away from our TAPPS extended family.

As we look back over the years, Vena has continued to enhance our fine arts programs and bring forth new opportunities for our schools and students.  It is never easy to bring forth new ideas and then to make them a reality. Perhaps even harder is to continually invest in established programs to keep them not only relevant but raise the bar along the way.  Vena’s dedication to our programs has continued to raise the level of the events even during these pandemic times.

Thank you Vena for all you have invested in TAPPS and we wish you only the best as you move toward new frontiers to conquer.

Bryan Bunselmeyer
Executive Director