Athletic Directors and Coaches:

Please read carefully

The Volleyball District certification deadline will be here before we know it on November 5.  As your district reviews the games still not played, if the pandemic or other reasons have caused a disruption in the district schedule, now is the time to prioritize contests to best ensure the district’s ability to certify the final seeding order for the playoffs. If opponents or game dates need to be shuffled, the district should make those decisions as soon as possible.

In approaching the final certification of standings and seeding, each district must determine if the teams advancing from district can complete the playoffs as shown on the TAPPS calendar.  While no one can predict a COVID outbreak or other situation in advance, please be advised that COVID protocols may determine whether teams can negotiate the playoffs.  Each school only controls the protocols for their team.  These protocols must meet the TAPPS minimum standards, but if your school has more stringent protocols they only apply to your players.   For example, if a team can only participate in a game if their opponent wears facemasks on the court while participating, that team should not enter the playoffs as teams shall not be required to meet that standard in the playoffs. The final district standings should reflect the correct playoff seeding.

Our thanks to all who serve in district leadership as we move toward the end of the season.  If you are a district president for volleyball please make sure you inform the TAPPS office, so you can be indicated as such in RankOne and have the ability to certify the standings.

If questions or concerns arise, please contact the TAPPS office at 254-947-9268 or by email at [email protected].