We hope you had a great time at TAPPSCON 2023! We know we did!


Thank you to those who took their time to stop by and say hi to us. It was a pleasure to get to learn about your project and school history that you want to bring to life!


For those we missed or who couldn’t get in to see us, we hope you reach out to learn more.


Please utilize the resources below to learn more about how we can help you bring your entire school’s legacy to life:

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Spring 2023 Campaign Video

Why Choose Us to help tell your school’s stories:

  • Industry leading Content Advocate Program – They are with you for the life of you using your Wall of Fame.
  • No Annual or Hidden Fees – This isn’t a product/service that needs to be an annual budget item for a school and/or athletic department.
  • All-In Up-Front Pricing – You know exactly what it will cost to be successful from the very beginning.
  • Industry Experience – We have been in the software and content space since 1997.
  • Reliable & Secure – We DO NOT stream into your school and your content is stored locally and backed up in a cloud server.
  • Both Physical & Web-Based Viewing – You get a physical screen in your school and a web-link for people to view your Wall of Fame via your school’s website.


Your school’s stories, legacies and content are what should matter most to you when choosing a company to use for your school’s digital tribute(s). For us that is what we value most!


We would love to continue learning more about your school, your history, and your needs for what you are looking to accomplish with your Wall of Fame project. We look forward to discussing your project with you!


Let us know how we can be of help to your school for this project.


We look forward to helping bring your school’s legacy to life! Enjoy the Summer y’all!